Wednesday, October 2, 2013

8 Point Test: Is a Direct Selling Company Legitimate or Not?

Prospective distributors often ask: Where can I find a legitimate direct selling company to join? Perhaps they are looking for a new company with a smaller network of people or perhaps they are just weighing the differences and benefits of different companies.
Either way there are legitimate sources that can help you find the company that has a product you want to sell, a compensation plan that fits your needs, and a personality that’s right for you.  
Firstly, the best place to search for a credible company is at a reputable direct selling association, like the Direct Selling Association or the Direct Selling Women’s Association. There you will find a list of members and pending 
members that pledge to abide by the organization’s strict code and ethics policy.

Difference Between Direct Selling, MLM and Network Marketing

If you were been searching for leverage the very best business techniques, tactics, and strategies existing today, you’ve probably came across the concepts of direct selling, MLM, and network marketing. 
And while each and every one of these specific strategies share a number of commonalities, the truth of the matter is that you need to make sure that you’re using the right strategy, tools, and tactics at the right time to provide you with the right results. 
This is more challenging than it appears on the surface. 
Hopefully after we break down all of this inside information below you’re able to better understand what each of these specific solutions bring to the table, and are easily able to implement them into your business to make the register ring. After all, that’s our intention.

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