Thursday, August 29, 2013

FAQs about QNET in India

1. How long has QNET been in India and where are your operations based?

• QNET has been present in India since 2001 and currently operates through a
franchisee company called Vihaan Direct Selling India Pvt Ltd (“Vihaan”)
based out of Bangalore.

2. How many IRs do you have in India? On an average, how many IRs join and
leave the company in a 12-month period? What is the retention/ renewal rate
of IRs?

• QNET has around 40,000 IRs in India. Based on our experience globally, each
market behaves differently depending on the business and socio-economic
environment of the country/region. Hence, putting a blanket percentage or a
number to this is difficult at the moment.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

HomePure 7-Stage Water Filtration System

Water Filter
The Importance of Good Water

Everybody knows water is essential to our survival. The Earth needs it, and we need it. Water is all around us and in us, but still, most take it for granted. When it comes to the biological function of water for humans, its importance is critical.

As water makes up more than two thirds of human body weight, humans would die without it in a few days. Water also plays an important role in the mechanics of the body. In fact, every cell and organ function in our anatomy and physiology depends on water to work efficiently and effectively. 

Since water is such an important component to our physiology, it would make sense that the quality of water should be just as important as drinking eight glasses of water a day. Drinking water should always be clean and free of contaminants to ensure proper health and wellness.

Some examples of major contaminants found in water today:

Toxic Metals (Lead, Mercury, Copper, etc.)
Toxic metals are also called inorganic contaminants. Many toxic metals have been linked to long-term health problems such as cancer and serious learning disabilities.

Microbiological (E. Coli, Enterobacter, Klebsiella, Citrobacter, etc.)
Biological contaminants are living organisms such as parasites, bacteria, viruses, cysts, and spores. 

Petrochemicals (Herbicides, Pesticides, Detergents, VOC, Carcinogens, etc.)
Petroleum-based chemicals are also called ‘organic’ contaminants. Many have been linked to long-term health problems including many forms of cancer. Most have unknown long-term health effects.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Football match between Manchester United vs Swansea City

Are you a Football Fan?

QNET is calling on Independent Representatives across the globe to go football mad for just one day – Saturday, 17 August.
A long-time lover of professional sport, QNET is getting right behind the upcoming season of the Barclays Premier League by being an advertising partner in the first round match between Manchester United and Swansea City at Liberty Stadium in Swansea, Wales.
As part of the major advertising agreement, QNET will appear in side-line advertising and on TV sets around the world throughout the 90 minute match.
The Barclays Premier League, promoted as the greatest show on Earth, is one of the most widely broadcast and followed sports events in the world.


QNET the network marketing giant has announced a song writing competition to celebrate it's Official 15th Anniversary  Through the winning song, will receive a gleaming personalised trophy signed by founders and a grand cash prize of USD 5000. 
How to Join:
1. Compose an original song (melody + lyrics)
2. The song should convey a positive message and illustrate how QNET touches hearts
3. Submit your composition to with:
  • Your Independent Representative ID number, name, contact number
  • Song Title
  • Song Lyrics (with English translation if the song is in another language)
  • A recording of a performance of the song (mp3 file or YouTube link)
  • Melody/musical score (optional). 
Competition Period:
1 August – 31 August 2013 
The competition is open to all registered QNET Independent Representatives and employees worldwide. 
  • USD 5000 CASH
  • Your song will be crowned QNET Official 15th Anniversary Theme Song
  • A personalised trophy signed by our founders