Thursday, August 29, 2013

FAQs about QNET in India

1. How long has QNET been in India and where are your operations based?

• QNET has been present in India since 2001 and currently operates through a
franchisee company called Vihaan Direct Selling India Pvt Ltd (“Vihaan”)
based out of Bangalore.

2. How many IRs do you have in India? On an average, how many IRs join and
leave the company in a 12-month period? What is the retention/ renewal rate
of IRs?

• QNET has around 40,000 IRs in India. Based on our experience globally, each
market behaves differently depending on the business and socio-economic
environment of the country/region. Hence, putting a blanket percentage or a
number to this is difficult at the moment.

3. What is the average amount an IR typically earns in a year?

• An IR’s earning is based on the effort being put in by the individual. Hence it
would be difficult to provide a specific number. We also refrain from
quantifying any figure as average income, since we find that this is often
misconstrued and leads to false expectations. Direct Selling is not an industry
for easy or quick money and distributors invest substantial time and effort to
earn their commissions. Please refer to our earnings disclaimer on the official
website here :

4. Is QNET registered in India?

• QNET operates through its franchisee, Vihaan which is registered under VAT
No: 29500670395 and Service Tax No: ADCV8173FSD001 in India.
• It is also incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and allotted No.

5. Why has the company changed its name several times?

• Companies change their names frequently for strategic reasons, such as
branding, variations in lines of developing businesses, product reflections and
• In our case, this was done for strategic business purposes. When the
company was founded in 1998 it offered only one product - Commemorative
Gold Coins. Hence, at the time the company's brand name reflected its
product line.
• As the company grew and expanded and more products were added to its
portfolio and the e-commerce platform evolved to support the growing
business, the name GoldQuest was no longer suitable and it was changed to
• In 2010, the brand name was shortened to QNET to reflect its modern,
dynamic image in a hyper-connected world.

6. Is QNET a member of the Direct Selling Association in India (IDSA)?

• QNET is not a member of the Direct Selling Association in India currently. The
IDSA is not a government regulatory body and there is no legal requirement to
register with IDSA.

• Internationally, QNET is already a member in the Direct Selling Associations of
Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, countries which have clear legislation
for the Direct Selling and MLM industry.

7. Is QNET a member of the FICCI?

• It is not mandatory for Multi Level Marketing Companies to be registered with
FICCI. The details given earlier were Mandatory registrations.

8. Is it possible to sign-up people from people outside India or can one only sign-
up people from within India if registered with Vihaan?

• IRs registered under the India Plan can sign-up others from outside the
country, but they (people residing abroad) will be signed up in the world plan
according to the address proof they provide

9. What is the status of court cases regarding GoldQuest and QuestNet in India?

• The Supreme Court has upheld the Madras High Court order to compound the
200 names submitted by the CB-CID in its charge sheet against the company.


• The CB-CID had initially claimed that more than 30,000 people were
defrauded by GoldQuest and had alleged various other irregularities. After
more than one year of investigation, they were unable to find any wrong doing
and only 200 names were submitted as 'legitimate' complaints wherein these
people had not received their products. When the company checked their
names in the database it was found that the only reason these people had not
received the products were because of either wrong address, or their orders
were received just before the Chennai police has seized all the products in the
warehouse hence preventing the company from sending their products out.
Further to this order, the Supreme Court ordered the appointment of a
settlement commissioner to deal with these claimants and all of them have now
been settled and the case has been closed.

10. Does the business model really free people from their jobs or have they just
replaced their job with another that has more risk? Does the QNET business
really allow the leaders more time with
their families?

• The business model does not make it mandatory for an individual to leave his
job. All earnings are based on the time and effort put in by an individual. At
the time of registration, we make it mandatory for all IRs to read through and
agree to our Policies and Procedures that explain the terms and conditions of
being an IR of QNET.

• We have instances of successful corporate professionals working on the
QNET business on a part time basis, who are content with it. We also have
cases where bankers and marketing professionals have chosen to give up
their corporate career after careful consideration to take on the QNET
business full time. Ultimately, it is an individual choice by each person based
on his or her lifestyle and time management skills. We have plenty of examples
within our network where IRs feel that they now get more quality time with their

11. Are the products sold by QNET priced competitively? If not, how much is the
difference? Is it true that QNET products are costlier by over 100% than
similar products available in the market since you shell out 50% as

• Many of QNET’s products are exclusive and unique. Similar products may not
be available in the market or there may be poor imitations or copies of our
products which may be cheaper and of inferior quality. Hence there is no
available avenue to compare prices. However, some of the products like the
classified under the consumables category are priced competitively as per the
Direct Selling Industry Norms.

12. What is your Refund Policy?

• Refunds are processed on a case-by-case basis. Requests for Cancellation of
Purchase along with termination must be made through appropriate channels
within 30 days.


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Anonymous said...

Can you please elab on Refund policy or give link for Refund form

Sandhya said...

If a person registered and doesn't sign up for about 3months.what happens?? Do qnet cancel the registration?

Vikas Bagwe said...

You have 1year subscription for QNET portal it should not be a issue unless it falls at end of your yearly subscription

Anonymous said...

my upline purchase the product on my behalf and i paid through cash to him but now when my refund request is accepted they are transferring the funds in to the origin card but i want funds in my bank account... is it possible?

Unknown said...

Hello How many days will it take to refund the amount after raising the cancellation request

Suman Soni said...

what is the refund process after 30 days as i was keep telling the oerson but some or how kept on aviiding the issue and extended please help

Vikas Bagwe said...

Hi Suman, sorry for delay in reply, Login to your VO & raise complaint QNET support staff will help you resolving your problem.


Is there any deduction in refund ?

Aman Gambhir said...

My upline cheated me.he purchased the product from my behalf and did transaction from international
Portal.he knowingly enter his details instead of me and gave me my purchase slip after one month after requesting so many times,so that I can't initiate refund process.after requesting for refund company is denying. How I can refund my money.

Aman Gambhir said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vikas Bagwe said...

hi Aman,
plz raise support request to QNET support from your VO & explain them the situation they will help you

syed taher said...

Mr.Vikas Bagwe please help me getting my money back?

chandan singh rana said...

I have a global purchase ,which is worthless for me, so can I change it and get a phycial product instead...? If I can not ,then what other best option for me

rusty dusty said...

IRs are purely misleading in Delhi on pretext of trust and later person is trapped and by time he knows of refund its over 7day or 30days
Really unprofessional policies..guys tweet to MODiGOVt to throw such companies out... jai hind

Unknown said...

i am also going through such a situation..i have given 3lac Qnet team and its tied up with global team.8days have passed by and now we cannot get the money back..because its only if you request 7days after your purchase,you get the wat is to be done?any suggestion?

Unknown said...

I am also duped of 2 lac rs by one of my ex colleague working in Infosys hyderabad now.By the time I realised truth he said refund rejected as its more than 7 days. I am requesting him since 1.5 yrs to provide details of order or refund my money but no luck . Pls suggest what to do. Suddenly he is asking to complete many formalities which were not told while he took money.