Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Difference Between Direct Selling, MLM and Network Marketing

If you were been searching for leverage the very best business techniques, tactics, and strategies existing today, you’ve probably came across the concepts of direct selling, MLM, and network marketing. 
And while each and every one of these specific strategies share a number of commonalities, the truth of the matter is that you need to make sure that you’re using the right strategy, tools, and tactics at the right time to provide you with the right results. 
This is more challenging than it appears on the surface. 
Hopefully after we break down all of this inside information below you’re able to better understand what each of these specific solutions bring to the table, and are easily able to implement them into your business to make the register ring. After all, that’s our intention.

Direct selling is tested advertising and marketing 

Though you’ll probably hear any different number of definitions about direct selling and direct marketing, the truth of the matter is that the big difference between this specific focus of selling and marketing is that it is based on results and results only. 
This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with all of those ads you see on television or hear on the radio, but instead has much more to do with what most of us would consider to be junk mail or spam. 
Those marketing and advertising pieces are carefully measured for their response rate (the amount of customers they create as opposed to the amount of money that they cost to run) and are the only effective way to know whether your marketing or advertising is working. 
MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is all about tapping into the leverage of other people’s effort

MLM marketing (also known as multilevel marketing) is all about trying to get other people to do work for you, while capitalizing on their effort and reaping financial rewards. 
Now before you start to think that this is just some form of conning other people to do the heavy lifting while you sit back and collect silly amounts of money, understand that nothing could be further from the truth. 
MLM marketing is about recruiting people into what is known as a “downline”, getting them to sell products or services for you while you take a commission from their sale. They’ll be able to do the same thing beneath them, in the pyramid continues to grow until you have brought in just as many prospects and marketers as humanly possible. It’s a great way to explode your income without doing when hundred and 60 hours of work each week. 
Network marketing 
Network marketing is shockingly similar to MLM, but here you’re trying to focus on building a network that allows you to promote your information, marketing, and advertising in return for doing the exact same thing. 
Tapping into network marketing is much like creating affiliates or joint ventures (except for the fact that you’re all mutually benefiting from the same sources of traffic) and again is all about leveraging your time and effort as much as humanly possible. 
All of these different business methods and strategies have their own specific pros and cons, and you have to find how the pieces of the puzzle fit in your specific business. 
Now it’s your turn! 
Do you prefer Direct Selling over MLM Network Marketing or vice versa?  Please leave your feedback in the comments section and I look forward to reading them!


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