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How to Make Money with QNET

Do you wanna get free from tension & insecurity of your 9-5 job?
Well Answer to your question is an alternate income stream which will relax you from the tension of today's insecure life style where every one of us somewhat feared about Recession & Job insecurity.

What is Qnet?
QNet is a dynamic wellness and lifestyle company established in 1998 to enhance the lives of its customers globally.

Through impressive and unique items that engender high brand commitment and fulfillment, along with local, on-ground support and services, QNet has established itself as a global direct selling company with a proud Asian heritage. By providing a proven income opportunity to advertise the business's items, QNet also symbolizes a appealing and fulfilling career for business owners to work for themselves, making additional or only income.

QNet is inspired by the mission of ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’ (RYTHM). This philosophy is embodied in many widespread educational, environmental, cultural, and disaster relief philanthropic initiatives, which are enabled by our Corporate Social Responsibility arm, the RYTHM Foundation (

QNet has spent more than a decade developing a strong global reach, with millions of satisfied retail customers and independent distributors around the world. The company is the main subsidiary of international conglomerate, the QI Group. The Group has varied business interests, including direct selling(network marketing) and e-commerce, lifestyle and leisure, investments and property management, training and conference management, telecommunications, and luxury and collectible items.

Now obviously you will be thinking if its so promising then HOW TO JOIN IN?
Here are the steps that are very easy to partner with Q-Net. To become part of our business and to start a run of Q-Net, you just need to do 3 steps are:

1.Qualification is by purchasing one product from Q-Net to suit your needs, by purchasing one of our products ranging from $ 590 – $ 13,050, you’ve incorporated in our company and you are entitled to the rights of your business, which is valid for life and can be passed on to person you appoint as his heir, and the more interesting is you simply make a purchase 1x only, because it may only be one name = 1 = 1 right product business (unless you really intend to have three right business means you have to buy 3 products with different names)

- Option 1 : Activation of you simply looking for a minimum of 2 people just to make you partner in your business (sold to 2 people)
- Option 2 : Self-activation*** [smarter and suggested] by triple-header purchase to double your profit in the short term; I mean taking a triple by two person is better than each taking a single header plan

3.Build Business(Duplication)
= Learn and Teach. That is first you learn from your up-line or come to meetings, or events, you can use a video message and lots of media you can use to learn, after you learn, teach to the partner (partner) you to do the same 3 steps as you do, it’s easy right?
QNET 3 steps
3 steps for QNET Success.
Different types of Business Models
Different types of Business Models
  QNET Compensation Plan
QNET Compensation Plan
QNET Income Projections
QNET Income Projections
Now you will be thinking; So Where I can begin to register into the program?Well these are the steps which will register you in to the program:
  • Open & Select Enrol
  • For Indian users Open & Select Register
  • Select Agree and Register
  • IR ID No. of my referrer * = …IR ID of person who referred you into QNET… (to get help email on 

It is said that anyone who has a dream – be it financial, personal, or otherwise – and who is willing to invest time and effort in achieving that dream, are the most successful people in the world.

QNet has a long history of providing a ‘home’ for these goal-setting entrepreneurs from all walks of life, of all ages and genders, and from all income and education levels. QNet provides the framework within which anyone – given time and effort – can achieve their dreams and be successful.

QNet offers a business opportunity to promote and distribute innovative, exclusive and quality lifestyle products, backed by a seamless compensation plan and a secure, repeatable and proven way to achieve business success. The QNet opportunity is available to anyone willing and able to work hard and smart in a dynamic and growing industry.

The company’s success is dependent on the degree to which Independent Representatives (IRs) successfully utilise and follow the tools and training provided to recruit, train and motivate a sustainable sales organisation while generating a wider retail customer base. In turn, an IR’s success is dependent on the degree to which they apply themselves to correct business practices and how well they apply the concept of positive duplication to build longevity in their network.

QNet offers a carefully developed range of exclusive and reliable products that are retailed online around the world using a unique business plan, which pays compensation and incentives to IRs for the referral and promotion of the company’s products.

QNet IRs have enjoyed the most advanced business support for more than a decade – simplified online membership process as an IR, a Virtual Office containing powerful features to manage and regulate their business, an advanced compensation plan, secure payment options, and business tools and training materials to develop their skills – all fully integrated in an advanced e-commerce platform.

Check QNet different products & its training videos at product-training-qnet

As of today, QNet products have been sold to more than three million people in every country around the globe. As a truly international company, QNet has cut through geographical borders as well as race, culture, religion and language barriers to create a global family of successful entrepreneurs.

As with any opportunity, success is gauged by what a person does with the opportunity. The QNet business is not for those looking for an easy way out and it is not a ‘get-rich-quick scheme’. Like those who have already achieved success with QNet, IRs must work hard, think smart, stay committed, be prepared for initial challenges, and be dedicated to closely following the established and proven business plan. QNet equips its IRs with all the tools and support services needed to succeed in the business.

What is an Independent Representative (IR)? 
An Independent Representative, or IR, means a person who becomes a Representative of the Company after applying in accordance to the procedures stipulated in the QNet Policies & Procedures (P&P), and who is then subsequently accepted by the Company to be its Independent Representative for the promotion of its products.

The Difference 
A frequently asked question of new prospects to this business is: “What sets the network marketing model of QNet apart from pyramid schemes and scams?” 

To answer this question, here are eight (8) big differences:

1. QNet delivers quality products and services 
Unlike pyramid schemes where you get no legitimate products or services for your initial investment, QNet spends millions on research and development to create exclusive, innovative and high-quality products that are tailored to meet the lifestyle needs of people across the globe.

2. QNet network marketers don’t earn commission through recruitment 
Network marketers in QNet don’t necessarily need to recruit new members to earn a commission, because the business is mainly structured to reward people for promoting its products. Commission is made from the sale of products by a networker, and the people within his/her network. Commission made through recruitment is not merely for the recruitment itself, but because there are products sold with every starter kit. In a pyramid scheme, there is no financial return unless you have successfully enrolled others into the company.

3. QNet ensures a level playing field through its compensation plan
Most direct selling companies limit the number of people who can earn a commission off a sale, to make it a level playing field for everyone. On the other hand, a typical example of a pyramid scheme is where the Uplines make all the money, while the Downlines lag behind hopelessly because they were recruited much later.

4. QNet gives their network marketers a return guarantee and does not allow product overloading 
Legitimate direct selling companies allow distributors proper methods of dealing with inventory and do not encourage product overloading. They do not allow the excessive purchase of the company’s products for the purposes of the business opportunity it provides. This allows focus on proper networking and means distributors do not have to sell excessive products or worry over such inventory.

5. The QNet opportunity isn’t a ‘get-rich scheme’
Right from the start, most network marketing opportunities will promise you results and financial freedom only if you work hard, think smart and put in due effort to succeed. Any company that promises you an easy way to get rich is probably a scam.

6. The QNet opportunity is supported by business tools 
QNet will help you keep track of your purchases, commission earnings and product delivery status while offering full customer support. Besides that, you will also receive regular product bulletins, marketing collateral and promotional offers to help boost your business and income.

7. The QNet opportunity is supported by a solid training system
QNet gives great importance to training its network marketers and boasts a large number of qualified trainers with knowledge and experience to help you better understand the business and products, and who have the ability to mentor and steer you in the direction of success.

8. QNet has proper Policies & Procedures and ethical marketing codes
You can tell a legitimate network marketing opportunity from a pyramid scheme based on the fact that their business Policies & Procedures are clearly stated in black and white, binding every network marketer to strict regulations and agreements. Any serious breach of company codes, or Policies & Procedures will result in action being taken against those involved. Most direct selling companies believe in achieving strong long-term growth and stability by creating a culture of ethical marketing.

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