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How to join QNET Business

How to join


To join the network today, please visit the official site and use this referrer’s: ID IR to sign up (INXXXXXX). Click “Join Us” button at QNet website (right-hand top corner) and in placement page.. enter YOUR SPONSOR IR ID: (INXXXXXX). follow the steps given at the site.

If you stay in India please visit the official site for India is and use this referrer’s: ID IR to sign up (INXXXXXX). Click “Register” button at QNet website (right-hand top corner) and in placement page.. enter YOUR SPONSOR IR ID: (INXXXXXX). follow the steps given at the site.

Registration > Qualification > Activation

1. Registration

1. USD10, INR 1,000 Annual Registration Fee OR USD30 or USD90 Registration Package* (Includes Registration Fee)

2. Upon payment of USD10, USD30 or USD90, you are given three (3) FREE Tracking Centres (TCs) arranged in a 3-Header configuration.

3. You are now an Independent Representative (IR). As Independent Representative you are entitled to earn Retail Commission and Residue Income from accumulated Business Volume (BV);

4. Initially, you are allowed to build only the left and right legs of main Tracking Centre (TC-001). Once you have earned a minimum of one (1) cycle/week for four (4) consecutive weeks, you will then be allowed to build TC-002 Right and TC-003 Left.

2. Qualification

1. Sell to a Customer (and earn Retail Profit) OR make your own purchase at the Independent Representative discounted price

2. Independent Representative must generate qualifying personal volume of at least 500 B.V. (Business Volume) per TC by either selling or purchasing a product or a combination of products.

3. Activation

1. To be an Activated IR, you must place at least 500 BV on each side Left (500 BV) and Right (500 BV) of your TC-001 resulting from your personal sponsorship or by selling products to a Retail Customer.

2. By activating TC-001, you activate all of your other TCs

3. A Quick Start Commission* (QSC) of US$50.00 is paid upon Activation.

e-Training Course

Every IR can register from member’s Business Tools Page for the e-Training Course “System For Success”(S4S) with a fee of USD10 payable by e-card or credit card.

QuestNet, is proud to announce the S4S Foundation Series – available in 7 languages: English, Mandarin, Farsi, Khmer, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, and Brazilian Portuguese. These modules, powered by GITA, will help jumpstart your career in Network Marketing. The series is available to all IRs around the globe on a whole new platform – eLearning!

The S4S Foundation Series helps you manage & shift your belief system, paradigm, mindset, attitude & commitment to the business. This series is A MUST for every IR to empower them to manage, lead & grow their business. It

consists of the following 4 modules:

Module I- Foundation for Success
What does it take to be successful in Network Marketing? This module will guide you to have the right mindset & attitude at the onset of doing the business. Learn the importance of being mentored & reap the secrets to networking success. Start building your foundation now!

Module II – Getting Started
Get ready, on your mark, get set & GO!! Now that you’ve laid the foundation, get started & learn the keys to achieving your desires. This module will guide you to setting your vision & SMART goals! Determine your commitment and design & map out your Action Plan. Remember, Dreams+ Action = Success.

Module III – Guide to Prospecting
So you know what it takes; now how do you get there? This module will show you how, who, where, when & why you should prospect. Your prospect is your treasure. Cherish this module & build your network.

Module IV – Keys To Effective Presentations
Finally got a prospect? You will lose him if you don’t give an effective presentation. Enroll in this module and arm yourself with fabulous surefire ways in making an irresistible presentation. You’ll never hear the word ‘No’ again!

TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVE MORE (TEAM)!Come on hurry up! Join us and enjoy the fun of networking

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