Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Purchase Product from QNET as Retail Customer

QNET is the world’s largest and fastest-growing online shopping and business community. QNET offer the best products in an advanced, proprietary eCommerce platform, powering the QNET eStore for shoppers
To Purchase Product from QNET as Retail Customer there are 2 portals.
  • On Top of the page you will find a Link for shop click it & on next page click Continue to Shop.
  • Also there is an alternative you can directly go to QNET eStore with following links.
For Indian Buyers Other Buyers
  • On next page Put referrer as IN046703 & Select country you live in; then click Check Referrer Button
qnetindia verify referrer
qnetindia verify referrer
qnet verify referrer
qnet verify referrer
  • You will get Notice as "You have chosen VIKAS BAGWE as your Referrer." 
  • Now Select Shop Now.
  • You will get 2 EStores Qualify & Repeat choose any.
  • Purchase any product you desired.
Important Notice: Making a purchase as a Retail Customer WILL NOT register you to be an Independent Representative.

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